SakshiMalik‬  is a reminder of what cn happn if u don’t kill a girl child.When d  going gets tough,its our girls who get going &save our pride
— Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) August 18, 2016
‪‎Sports‬ is truly aspirational for ‪girls‬ from small remote rural ‪‎villages‬.

Today our very own Rohtak girl Sakshi Malik and girl from Hyderabad PV  Sindhu are showing the way to millions of young girls with aspirations to dream big.  They can now truly believe that girls can soar and ‪achieve‬ anything they set out to do.

We at our IIMPACT centres have some very talented girls, who if given adequate support and encouragement could do us all proud – at School level, at District level, at State level, National level and perhaps even on a Global Platform.  Participating in sports can provide great confidence boosts and help in developing leadership skills and build a healthy team spirit.

Three cheers for both of these amazing young ‪‎women‬ ‪‎achievers‬ – a BIG congratulations from 60000 ‪‎IIMPACT‬ girls and the rest of the IIMPACT Team!!! You have done us all proud.