The IIMPACT Adopt-A-Centre (AAC) Program is one of our key fundraising initiatives to enable our Girl Child Education Program in successfully providing quality primary education to girls across socially and economically marginalized rural communities of India. All IIMPACT Learning Centres are established with donor support. A Learning Centre ideally runs for 5 to 6 years with a donor but more than often given the rural context, the need is significantly higher and our Centres run for a longer period. Over the same period, we have donors who continue as well as some who exit. IIMPACT stays committed to running the Centres and so maintains an active list of existing Centres that are non-sponsored and need donor support.

As of October 2020, we are looking at 32 Centres providing education to over 960 girl children that would benefit from your support. Full sponsorship for an existing Centre in FY 20-21 is INR 115,000/-

We look forward to receiving your support for sponsoring our Centres this year, and would always encourage and humbly request continued support for a 5 year period as that would ensure that all the girls are able to complete their primary education at the Centre with your generous support.

Our list is dynamic and the Centre count and location keeps changing, so in case you don’t have a preference or your preference is not in the list, please do reach out to us at