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Mask Wearing Guidelines

Covind Mask Wearing Guidelines – Bengali Covind Mask Wearing Guidelines – English Covind Mask Wearing Guidelines – Hindi Covind Mask Wearing Guidelines – Oriya

Covid19 FAQs

FAQs-Covid19-Communities – Bengali  FAQs-Covid19-Communities – English FAQs-Covid19-Communities – Hindi FAQs-Covid19-Communities – Oriya

Awareness Poster

COVID 19 Guidelines Poster- Bengali COVID 19 Guidelines Poster- English COVID 19 Guidelines Poster- Hindi COVID 19 Guidelines Poster- Bengali

Corona Story

IIMPACT Corona Story-English IIMPACT Corona Story-Hindi IIMPACT Corona Story-Oriya

Yoga Asans

Yoga Asan for children – Bengali Yoga Asan for children – English Yoga Asan for children – Hindi Yoga Asan for children – Oriya  

Snakes Ladders Game

 Snakes and Ladders – Covid19 Edition-Bengali  Snakes and Ladders – Covid19 Edition-English  Snakes and Ladders – Covid19 Edition-Hindi Snakes and Ladders – Covid19 Edition-Odia