Anil Tandon Founding Member and former President IIMPACT and Nirmala Tandon CEO IIMPACT attended the special wedding ceremony in Alwar on the 24th of November.​

Her amazing journey

Bhuteri is from Bandipura, a remote, dusty village in the State of Rajasthan in India. In this community, the girl child is often considered a liability to be married off in her early teens, which was in fact the case with Bhuteri’s two older sisters.

A child of illiterate parents, Bhuteri took the initiative to enroll at IIMPACT in its early years, in spite of her parents’ skepticism. It was here that she was provided the opportunity to develop a solid foundation in reading, writing and mathematics, studying 5 hours per day while helping her mother at home. She completed her class V at IIMPACT’s learning centre in Bandipura (one of IIMPACT’s first graduates), going on to study further, completing college and returning to IIMPACT as a Teacher!!

Importantly, Bhuteri’s experience has positively affected her family and her village, as she has instilled the importance of education in her parents and in her siblings. Bhuteri has gradually taught both her illiterate parents to proudly write their names, recognize alphabets and identify numbers – something they had never dreamed they would be able to do.

Today, the same parents who did not believe in sending their elder daughters even to primary school (fearing they education would prove to be a hindrance from daughters getting married as it makes them independent thinkers and income generators) are now supportive of girls education. Bhuteri’s two younger sisters followed her in to the IIMPACT program, and she is also a role model for her brother’s daughters, who also started their schooling, as well as for other girls in her community.

Bhuteri’s parents are not alone in taking pride in their daughter’s achievements – the entire village community holds her up as a shining example to all their girls. Education is now viewed as an integral part of their lives.
Not only did IIMPACT affect Bhuteri’s life, but it has changed her family’s and community’s thinking about issues such as girl child education and early marriage.

Bhuteri has grown in to a smart, confident young woman who is excited by learning and has dreams of going much further in life. She is a graduate, has undertaken a course in General Knowledge and in Computers.

Now Bhuteri is married and so happy !

Bhuteri is our star performer. She is a role model for so many of our girls.

Her husband, a college graduate, owns a computer shop where Bhuteri is going to assist him .
We are confident that with her support they will expand their business and lead a comfortable happy life together.

Please join us in wishing this young couple the very best in life…….