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Young Shahanara – a married girl at IIMPACT helps change her sisters’ future

Sahanara Khatun, daughter of Abdul Gaffer Lasker was an out of school girl till IIMPACT touched her life. She lives in the tiny village Patra and was married at the very early age of thirteen. Her husband works in a distant town and Sahanara continues to stay with her parents.

Being faced with such a case for the first time IIMPACT had to counsel both her parents and her in-laws about the negatives of marrying at such a young age and the effects it would have on their daughter. It took a while but the team finally convinced them all about the importance of educating each of their daughters. Sahanara’s parents were persuaded to send Sahanara as well as their other daughters to school. They have agreed that they will not get their younger daughters married at such an early age.

The parents and in-laws were shown the school and introduced to the way in which daily classes were conducted. They were encouraged by what they saw.

Today Sahanara has been coming to the centre for the past year and is at present studying in class II. Her younger sisters will soon be joining Sahanara at the IIMPACT learning centre.