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Rubina: Words Of Inspiration

Rubina Khatoon is a bright girl from one of the learning centers sponsored by ING-Vysya. She was identified by our local team in Mehmoodabad as we were planning to award our girls for their outstanding performance.

When Mrs. Khatoon,, Rubina’s mother, came to know about our visit, she came and spoke to us. She told us that her husband died 10 years back and that she has no source of income. It was impossible for her to even think of educating her 3 children when she has barely anything to eat? She was ecstatic when she heard about the opening of learning center in her village. She also mentioned that she does not send her daughter to her mother’s place because it would force Rubina to miss her classes. According to her Rubina has learnt a lot and she now teaches her younger brothers at home too. Mrs. Khatoon is illiterate and does not know how to read and write but her daughter now does all the calculation work. Rubina keeps the account of the money she earns from working in the fields. She said ‘I thank ‘Allah’ everyday for setting up an IIMPACT learning centre near my house.’ She said ‘My present is dark but my future looks bright. I will not marry my daughter until she is an under-graduate”. These words touched the hearts of all those