In Our Projects


IIMPACT currently runs 56 Learning Centres in  villages in Alwar District. The area is characterized by social and economic backwardness but has a large number of women’s Self Help Groups who have benefited from micro credit. IIMPACT enlists the support of these Self Help Groups to promote the importance of education and has ended up enrolling a large number of marginalized girls in their Learning Centres. The centres are spread out in different blocks of Alwar – namely Tijara, Kishangarh, Nogawan and Umren.

We have establised 40 centres in District Bundi where the tribal communities live on the periphery of the villages and till recently were nomadic. IIMPACT’s model is especially suited for these communities as the learning centres are established in close proximity to the homes of the girls. We also have 200 learning centres in Rajsamand and another 20 in Karauli.