Harish Hande wins Magsaysay award 2011

Harish Hande

We, as IIMPACT, are very proud that Harish Hande is one of the two Indians to win the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award for 2011.

Harish’s organisation Selco Solar Light in Bangalore was responsible in helping IIMPACT find a unique solar solution to power laptops and computers donated to us by various organizations. As teaching aids, these laptops were of no use in our Learning Centres in far-flung villages with no access to electricity. Selco helped us to design, create and install a one-of-a-kind solution using a DC-to-DC convertor specially made for this purpose. This helped IIMPACT substantially lower our investment in this project as well as arrive at a beneficial, practical and workable solution.

Courtesy Selco and Harish, a large number of IIMPACT’s girls have directly benefitted. The “solar powered laptop” occupies a pride of place in our Learning Centres and is fully maintained locally by the girl’s parents who were trained by Selco for this purpose.

We wish Harish all success in his future endeavours. Three cheers for him !